Adriana Ruane

Adriana has studied many styles of yoga and was fortunate enough to study Ashtanga Yoga with Tim Miller in Encinitas and Hatha Yoga with Lisette Hart where she received her RYT 200 hours. In 1994 she read “Light on Yoga” by BKS Iyengar, which helped her refine her skills focusing on alignment. She then started practicing a style of yoga called Yin Yoga about seven years ago. Although new to some circles, Yin yoga is quite old. It is part of the original Hatha yoga tradition which combines Indian Yoga with Chinese Daoist. She received her Yin Yoga teacher certification program with world educator and renowned author Bernie Clark.
Through teaching, she wants to share with her students the profound experience of body, mind and spirit that yoga has given her. She teaches classes to fit her students' needs, focusing on alignment, breath and posture, and offers modifications and props for students who need it. She also likes to offer some challenging poses for those who want to improve and deepen their practice. She believes that Yoga can provide insight to all of us no matter where you are in your practice. Her favorite cue to her students is to cultivate Sukam (happiness comfortable) and Sthira (calm, steady) in the postures, and listening to the body to ensure a safe and beneficial practice.