Beth Ann

Beth Ann studied with a true yoga master, Raji Thron, owner or Yoga Synthesis in NJ, receiving her 200 hour certification in 2007 and 500 Advanced certification in 2011. Under the careful guidance of Raji, she studied all of the major branches of yoga in the lineage Sri Krishnamacharya, including Ashtanga, Classical, Iyengar, Kundalini, Desikachar-based “Viniyoga”, and Anusara yoga. This wide range of teaching has allowed her the flexibility to “synthesize” and customize a yoga practice based on the needs of the student, with the intention of creating a unique experience with each class. Her style of yoga is best described as a rhythmic, vinyasa flow, using the principles of alignment to hold postures, creating strength, and the use of the pranayama(breathing exercises) to breath life into each pose. She likes to take a fun, playful approach to teaching, and find that laughter can be a great elixir for releasing any excess tension, creating a more joyful experience. Combined with the use of sound through Sanskrit chanting, her class is designed to bring physical, emotional and spiritual balance to your day, and perhaps even beyond. It is this balance that keeps her coming back to her mat every day, and what she hopes to give back through the teaching of yoga…one breath at a time.